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Embedded Systems

Join a team of embedded software engineers and hardware designers in building smart devices that enable cognitive decision making. 


Verification and Validation

Apply standard quality management processes, practices, and techniques to build robust systems and solutions. 


Product Owner

Be a next-generation solution leader in the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and Environmental Monitoring market segments. 

If you are looking for great industry exposure and opportunities for innovation

Working at Alcodex

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Work in High Tech Areas

We strive to be at the forefront of technology. Our projects span from highly complex to technically challenging projects. We believe in creating a workforce for tomorrow’s technologies.

Employee Recognition & Appreciation

We believe that employees are the soul of Alcodex. We take conscious efforts to provide an environment conducive to egalitarian culture. We promote an open-door policy and employees are provided with opportunities to express their passion, interests, and skills.



We understand that finding an optimum or perfect work-life balance is difficult. We are flexible and understand one’s concerns.

Industry specific Guidance and Exposure

Our team comprises industry champions and veterans to guide you and help you grow both technically and personally. We strive to work on cutting-edge technologies and highly complex projects in areas of our core competence.


Opportunities for Innovation

We are 100% open to new and innovative ideas. Our innovation is not confined to any specific functional area; we promote and encourage ideation throughout our operational activities. 

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