embedded systems

Alcodex has immense experience and expertise in embedded systems. ​

We work with global and domestic customers to enable them to deliver projects and products in embedded systems (hardware and software) in a quick turnaround time. 

  • Robust design, development, and testing capability in embedded and IoT systems.​
  • Strong Platform enablement experience across multiple platforms.​
  • Proven track record of delivery in complex and mission-critical projects.​
  • Extensive experience in Hardware design services, Firmware, Device drivers, BSP development, protocol stacks, connectivity solutions HMI & testing services.​

Holistic Approach​

We provide services from product ideation to manufacturing. We work with customers on new product innovation, new product development, and product sustenance (feature enhancement, up-gradation, and technology adaptations)​

Wide range of services​

Our expertise in embedded design, hardware design services, embedded firmware/software services, etc enable our customers with customized embedded system solutions. We solve your product challenges with an eye for innovation, scalability, and reliability​

Verification and Validation​

Our Verification and Validation (V&V) services ensure the system’s functionality (hardware, firmware, GUI, etc.) is of expected quality and performance. V&V services range from development test scripts and test automation​

Embedded Systems Services

Embedded system services, is a specialized service offering that requires sound knowledge and robust product lifecycle experience. We can liaison with various support services such as industrial design, mechanical design, regulatory compliance, etc along with our in-house expertise in embedded systems to go to market with new products and enhancements. We provide services across different stages of product development and sustenance:

  • Firmware and embedded software development: Design & Development of bare metal code, bootloaders, OS kernel programming.
  • Drivers and board support packages development: Development of Board Support Package (BSP) / OS Kernel packages.
  • Re-platforming: Services to migrate between platforms.
  • Testing of firmware and embedded software: Manual and automated testing services for various platforms.
  • Embedded UI development: GUI development services using tools such as Qt, Tcl/Tk, ReactJS Widgets, etc.
  • Hardware design and prototyping: We provide hardware design and development services from PoC to volume manufacturing.

Delivering next-generation embedded systems requires robust expertise

Leveraging our substantial experience to provide our customers with innovative services across the development life cycle of embedded systems







  • Design and Development of Circuit and Schematics​
  • PCB Design and Development​
  • Logic Design
  • HDL Development
  • Development of Control Systems
  • Functional Substitution / Obsolescence Redressal
  • Verification & Validation​


  • RTOS : Contiki, RIOT, Linux, uCLinux, Integrity, eLinux, OpenWRT, eCos, POSIX, Cygwin, VxWorks.​​
  • Processors: CEVA Teaklite, Tensilica HiFi 2/3
  • Qualcomm Hexagon /IPQ806x /AR71XX, Verisilicon ZSP
  • ARM 7/9, ARM Cortex A5/A9/A8/M0/M33
  • Marvell Link Street SoC, Intel x86
  • Freescale 8152/iMX/MPC 8308, Atmel SAM R21, etc.​


  • Porting/Migration of OS, device drivers, firmware stack, etc.​​
  • Firmware, BSP, Device driver development​​
  • Development and testing of ​
    • Bootloaders
    • BIOS
    • Communication protocols​
    • Audio, Video, and Speech standards​​


  • Design, Development, and Testing ​
  • Custom Embedded Applications​
  • GUI / Command Line Interface​
  • API, SDK.
  • A Unit test framework and Automation​
Programming LanguagesAssembly programmingPlatformsAudio CodecsAudio ProcessingDRM

Programming Languages

  • C
  • C++

Assembly programming

  • Xtensa HiFi2/3
  • ZSP-G2/G3.
  • ARM Cortex
  • Ceva.
  • Hexagon
  • QDSP6.
  • Freescale
  • MSC8152.


  • ARM, Intel
  • Tensilica
  • Xtensa, ZS
  • CEVA
  • Qualcomm
  • Hexagon
  • Freescale
  • MSC815x

Audio Codecs

  • MP3 & MP3 Pro
  • AC-LC/LD
  • FLAC
  • DTS-HD
  • DTS-X

Audio Processing

  • Acoustic Echo Canceller.
  • Chorus
  • Reverb
  • Neural
  • Surround
  • Downmixing
  • Upmixing


  • OMA
  • WM

Product Development Life Cycle

Across domains, Alcodex has immense expertise in the entire embedded system space. Our expertise in this space range from the ideation phase to volume manufacturing. We leverage our know-how and expertise to provide customers with value-engineered solutions and faster time to market


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