industry 4.0

Building intelligence into systems to drive actionable intelligence. ​

We enable customers to build innovative solutions to drive agility, reduce costs, and increase customer experience and efficiency in the industry.​

  • Design, development, and testing capability in embedded, IoT, automation, and application development.​
  • Experience in AI and predictive analytics.​
  • Proven track record of building custom data analysis modules & algorithms for our customers.​
  • Extensive experience in a wide range of cloud technologies to accelerate your cloud application development time.​

Our strength in multiple technologies and a holistic approach to solutions enable our clients to adopt  Industry 4.0 technologies with ease. We leverage our knowledge of end-to-end IoT deployments to build a solution that is scalable and interoperable.​

Smarter industries​

We leverage our IoT expertise to enable customers' digital transformation by providing design to deployment services in a wide range of technology areas (smart sensors, control devices, automation systems, IoT and Mobile apps, etc.). ​

Data Analytics​

Our expertise in providing solutions with features, such as visualization, real-time notifications, data analysis, predictive analysis, AI, ML, control, alerts, etc., enables our customers to build smart and more intelligent businesses.​

Actionable Intelligence​

We design and develop solutions to drive actionable intelligence based on the cognitive data generated. Our expertise in building end-user-centric solutions would enable industries with fast technology adaptations.​

Industry 4.0 services

As a pioneer in IoT solutions, we enable our customers in digitizing their industries. We assist you in taking your machines to a digital world, develop smart products and solutions to retrofit your existing infrastructure, and provide data analytics to drive cognitive decision-making. Some key areas we focus on are:

  • Machine Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • M2M
  • Factory Automation
  • AI / ML

Digitizing data for smarter factories

Alcodex offers services in development of data acquisition systems to data analytic applications







  • Design, Development, and testing of:
    • Tailor-made IIoT sensor devices.​
    • Custom-made retrofit hardware for already deployed devices.​
    • Firmware & Embedded Application.
    • Utilities for: diagnostics, edge analytics, etc.​
  • Leverage in-house hardware platform to accelerate time to market.​


  • Design, development, and testing of:
    • AI and ML applications for AWS, Google AI, Azure, etc.​
    • Custom AI-based solutions that are made for the unique requirements of the clients.​
    • Patterns, trends, predictive algorithms.​


  • Design, development, and testing of:
    • Data analytics engine/modules.​
    • Intelligent Dashboards.​
    • Applications for real-time view and real-time analytics.​
    • Predictive and preventive analytics modules.​


  • Design, Development, and Testing of:
    • Cloud app development for Public, private, and on-premise cloud.​
    • API/SDK for third-party integrations.​
  • Customization of Alcodex IoT suite (SaaS) for quick go-to-market.​


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